Great Cove Baskets and Gifts

Something else to check out at the Mystery Mountain Crafters Expo, Sat., Oct. 2, from 10 to 4 p.m. at the Event Center, in Berkeley Springs, WV, is Great Cove Baskets & Gifts. 

They also have fabrics which are made into awesome purses. Great Cove Baskets is located at 105 Lincoln Way East, McConnellsburg, PA. 

For more information, call 717-987-9554.

Leisure Travel

Also featured at the Mystery Mountain Crafters Expo on Saturday, October 2, at the Event Center in Berkeley Springs, WV, will be Leisure Travel.

They specialize in leisure travel such as honeymoon and destination wedding registry, sportsmen's getaways, spa and golf retreats, cruises, all inclusive vacations and wholesale travel packages.

Artwork by Bruce Dellinger at Mystery Mountain Crafters Expo

Artwork by Bruce Lynn Dellinger of Timberville, Va., will be featured at the Mystery Mountain Crafters Expo to be held on Saturday, Oct. 2, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Event Center in Berkeley Springs, WV.

Bruce is a self taught artist. After an accident, Bruce discovered he has awesome talent to draw. Check it out for yourself at his Art Gallery on website at

Mark your calendar. You don't want to miss seeing his work. Just in time for Christmas shopping.

Potomac Bead Company

Another of the awesome vendors to join us at the Mystery Mountain Crafters Expo will be Potomac Bead Company. Allyson Megeath will be the representative.

From Black Rose Warning:

The body hugging ivory gown enhanced Allison’s slim body and swished when she walked. Swarovski crystals adorned the bodice. Crystal hair pins kept her glossy black hair piled on her head, which hung in ringlets to her shoulders. She sparkled and glittered with every step she took in silver stilettos.

Not sure who or where the bad guy could be, a worried Maggie felt the ink pen slide from her shaky fingers. She leaned down to pick it up and spotted something glittery. She reached for it and sat up. A Swarovski crystal hair pin twinkled in the light. How did Allison's pin get in Luke's car? Her heart pounded. She needed to escape.

Maggie put the beaded hair pin in her jacket pocket and waited for Luke to go inside to pay for the gas. The minute he walked away, she opened her door and ran. Luke’s voice calling for her to return chased after her. Run, Maggie, run......