Published book eight - contest!!

Just published book eight, Forever Love - Never Ending Death. I'm so excited. You're going to love this book. This novel is the conclusion of Cassie's living nightmare.

Never fear my dear readers, there are many more books to come in the Woodmont Mystery Series. Sami will take over for her mother. Except our dear Sami isn't Cassie and the same tricks won't work on her.
Things will be quite different in Hidden In The Darkness. Where being a Grandville-Watkins opened doors for Cassie, it will cause Sami problems and she can't let anyone know who she is. Cassie's beauty was plus, but it's a hindrance for her daughter. If Sami wants to be taken seriously in her chosen career, she has to work extra hard to prove herself and she'll discover it will be an uphill battle.

Something else exciting about Hidden In The Darkness, you'll discover who is married and about their children. Roy married and she has already been introduced in the series. I wonder who she is?

Back to Forever Love - Never Ending Death. Since this book concludes Cassie's nightmare, I'm holding a contest to celebrate. Hope you all paid attention.

I'm going to ask a question and whoever answers it correctly will receive half-off the price of my next book. And for more thrills, it'll be a two-part question. If someone gets both parts correct, she or he will also receive a personalized goodie bag to go along with the half-off certificate.

Since a couple of my loyal readers purchase their copies via downloads of my books, that person will receive a free download.

Readers, you have all summer to get caught up so you can answer my question.

Put on the coffee pot and get your brains perking, here's the two part question:

A character was introduced in book one, Screams In The Dark, and mentioned regularly until just a memory by book seven, Whispered Words of Death. Number eight, Forever Love - Never Ending Death, the character is not mentioned at all.

Name the character and why you think the character ceased to be used.

All answers must be received by August 31, 2008. Email answers to:

First correct answer received will be the winner. If there's a tie, I think something can be worked out to everyone's satisfaction. :)

Good luck!