Woodmont Mystery Poem

Ode to the Woodmont Mystery Series
By Dora Thomley

Screams In The Dark
I pray for silence all the time
I hear Lainey calling for me
The sound of terror fills my mind
Haunting Cries In The Mist
The town of Woodmont calls to me
Drawing me back
To a sadness I still see
The whippoorwill cries out
Secrets From The Grave
Lainey, Lainey, Lainey
I tried so hard to save
Never Alone
A promise that I made
Destiny’s Deadly Web
I’ll carry to the grave
Beware of the Silent Footstep
As they creep up in the night
Whispered Words of Death
Are looming in my sight
Forever Love-Never Ending Death
Words burned into my soul
Words I live to regret
What is
Hidden In The Darkness
But never far from sight
I see the
Faces of Evil
Creeping through the night
At every turn I make
I hear the whippoorwill
Take to flight
Evil draws me back
  to the stillness of the lake
While the
Tears of Death
Trickle slowly down my face
Like the
Haunting Secrets
That Woodmont hides so well
It torment the living
But will send you
Straight to hell
Living nightmare
Forever in my head
Dead and Silent
Nothing more to be said
Secrets once buried
Now spoken from the dead
Listen very close
Do you hear the whippoorwill?
As the wind blows softly
Do you feel the deadly chill?
There’s no escape
From your future or your past
The breath you try to take
Might be your very last
Choice of life or death
The end might be so near
Hidden by
Cloaks of darkness
Your past is what you fear
So listen to the sound
The whippoorwill
Lonely cry
And pray that you are not
The next that has to die.