Tattered Letters

When the adjoining estate, Thorny Rose, comes up for sale, Maggie and Sam want to add to their holdings. Little did Maggie know that the house on Thorny Rose harbored so many dark secrets.

Ebony Nightmare

The second book in the Black Roses series is Ebony Nightmare. Maggie is haunted with a vision of a woman falling from the parapet of a castle. She sees the broken & twisted body on the ground with ebony petals scattered about. She can't rest until she figures out what the vision means.

The Roving Eye

An author's dream comes true and her first book is picked up to be published, but Maggie Davis doesn't want to promote it or do a book tour. She just wants to write. Her best friend steps in and things go smoothly. Then a bouquet of black roses is delivered. Maggie knows it's a warning and before long she is running for her life. Beware of the "Roving Eye."

Black Roses

I'm currently working on a new book(s), the series is called Black Roses. Part one is entitled the Roving Eye, Part two is Ebony Nightmare and Part three is Tattered Letters.

Stay tune for more information. I'm excited.

Phobia -- have one?

What's your phobia or phobias? Come on, share with me. I'll go first, I have a couple phobias. First is mice. I know those furry little beasties can't hurt me, but do they have to scurry all over my kitchen?? (((shudders))) Don't mind heights or small places (I like to snuggle) Snakes are disgusting, spiders are okay, but good heavens the phobia that will give me nightmares and I've used it in several of my books -- CLOWNS!! Wouldn't that give you a nightmare? eeeeeek