Sleepy House Studio

Be sure to keep Saturday, Oct. 2 open on your calendars and join us for a fun filled day for the Mystery Crafters Expo in Berkeley Springs at the Event Center.

Sleepy House Art Studio from Winchester will be participating in the expo. Stop by and see the awesome artwork. And if you're ever in Winchester, stop by and see studio owner, Sarah Gallahan. (540) 931-4920

Here's an excerpt from Black Rose Warning which features a painting:

The painting over the fireplace in the library once more caught her eye. The artist used texturing for a 3D effect which brought the painting to life. The dark gray clouds blanketed the sky. Raindrops fell. Lightning stretched out in purplish arms.

A long rose tree, with huge black flowers, was being battered by the storm. Its ebony petals scattered and swirled in the air. Behind the tree was a dark emerald forest bowed to the wind. So real she imagined she heard the howling wind. Purplish black violets huddled near a huge boulder.

Green vines clung to the tree trunk and meandered all over the canvas as if searching for a stronghold. A jungle of green, wrapped around everything in its path. Wayward tendrils reached toward the gray sky in defiance. Maggie wouldn't have been surprised if one of the vines reached out to grab her if she got too close.

Temptation got the better of Maggie. She put down her cup of tea, stood on the ledge of the hearth of the stone fireplace and reached out to touch a green stem, fully expecting a vine to wind around her fingers. Then she noticed the letter "u r nxt" painted in the wild menagerie.

She withdrew her hand, stumbled off the hearth and banged into the table. The tea cup tumbled over and liquid fingers of red streaked across walnut. Crimson drop after drop splashed onto the oriental rug. For a moment, Maggie saw blood -- Allison's blood.

Mystery Mountain Crafters Expo

The Mystery Mountain Crafters Expo will be held on Saturday, October 2, at the Event Center in Berkeley Springs, WV, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (later if we're busy)

Mystery will be supplied by Carol Exline, author.
Numerous titles to select from the following:
Woodmont Mystery Series
Holmes Mystery Series
Black Rose Warning Series
Sweetheart Line

Local Crafters will showcase their talents and skills.

Sleepy House Art Studio
Potomac Bead Shop, featuring Allyson Megeath
Plus jewelry designers, knitters, quilters, weavers, stained glass expert, and woodworkers.

Plenty to see and lots to buy!

Just in time for Christmas shopping.

Keep checking this blog for updates!

See you in Berkeley Springs on Saturday, October 2!