Faces of Evil

Faces of Evil: For the first time in Samantha Grandville-Watkins Beecher's young life, she must leave the safety of her family and Woodmont to prove herself. After graduating top in her class at the Grandson Police Academy, Sami isn't prepared for the treatment from her colleagues at the Cumberland Police Department. Nor is she prepared for being attacked, shot or trapped in a burning building. It doesn't take her long to realize that evil has many faces.

Hidden In The Darkness

Hidden In The Darkness: Sami has grown-up and the family has grown. Roy is married with a family as is Joey. Sami can't wait to attend the Grandson Police Academy. Everything she's trained for since she was ten years old is put to the test. Her heart is also at risk. Cassie frets because she knows the vendetta has been waiting for Sami. There are so many horrible things that can be hidden in the darnkess.

Forever Love — Never Ending Death

Forever Love - Never Ending Death: One evening at Witherspoon, Cassie stands by the garden gate enjoying the gentle breeze when she hears her husband approaching and she smiles when he makes a low cat call.

He walks up behind her, wraps his arms around her, sighs deeply and kisses her neck. “We should stop,” she moans.

“I don’t care who sees us, because I love you so much, Cassie.” He tightens his hold on her and kisses her neck again.

Her eyes widen with fear. That wasn't Adam's voice. Before she can scream, the man clamps a hand over her mouth.


While shopping at the grocery store, Cassie is stopped by a woman and asked a question. “Are you Sam Watkins’ daughter?”


Lured to Grandville Manor, Cassie finds herself at the top of the stairs and threatened by a knife held by a madwoman. She screams, stumbles backwards, and reaches out for the banister to steady herself. Roy rushes up the remaining steps to make sure she doesn’t fall. Whether it was anger or hate, when Robin stumbles she takes Cassie and Roy down the stairs with her. All three land in a heap at the bottom of the gigantic staircase. A pool of red blood forms around their motionless bodies.

Bill tries to reach Grandville Manor, but flips the police cruiser. He is trapped inside the car when he loses consciousness.

The Grandville family members seem to be dropping like flies. Even she is getting chills.