Rose - Lily - Violet


The rose petals, so sweet the smell, the beauty of the bloom
Each petal hugs the next one close, its beauty gone to soon
The lily stands so tall and proud, majestic, bold, and white
Its petals reaching for the sky, can almost light the night
The little violet close to the ground, the deep dark velvet hues
But the secrets that the violet holds, will uncover hidden truths.
These three flowers so much alike, yet different as day and night
One hides its beauty close to the ground, never reaching for the light
But do not under estimate, the violet so small and sweet,
As you walk through the dark damp woods, crushing violets with your feet
Just like the rose, with petals soft and sweet the smell it brings,
The rose will fight until the cold that fall and winter brings
The lily is the strongest bloom, on this you can rely
It holds on like a buried grudge that just will never die
But as you think about these three you must think back in time
The curling petal of the Iris bloom, to this could add a rhyme
What story does the Iris tell, that haunt her day and night
If you knew the truth it holds, the truth could take your life.

Dora Kinsley Thomley

Rose is the feisty one, the fighter, the scrapper, not afraid of anything

Lily is reasonable, thinks everything through, reliable, and holds a grudge

Violet masks her feelings, hides behind her long hair, and very under estimated

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