Book 16 & 17 published!

Before I update you on why I have been so lax at my blog, for my Woodmont Mystery Fans, Book 16 Choice of Life or Death and Book 17 Cloak of Darkness have been published and available for purchase.

Choice of Life or Death
Never have choices been so difficult or with so much hanging on the correct choice. Hobbs has to make a choice that could cost Sami her life.
The tables are turned and Sami is forced to make a choice. Except for her the choice was made when the ultimatum was issued. Values that were instilled by her grandfather Sam prove to be priceless. Let's hope someone survives.

Cloak of Darkness
Sami and Katelyn have disappeared and the entire Grandville household is frantic. Kyle believes the worst. Hobbs blames himself. Sami has decided to hide in the dark recesses of her mind, feeling it's safer than making a decision that goes against everything she holds near and dear. This time she has a demand to make of her grandmother. Hopefully she won't live to regret it.
As always all books are available from the author and soon from a bookstore near you...............

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