What have I been doing???

Besides doing to the blog tours for Dragon's Pearl, book four in the Holmes Mystery Series, I've started a new trilogy called Sisters Three. A set of triplets who are as different as they look alike.

Rose is the feisty one, the fighter, the scrapper, not afraid of anything

Lily is reasonable, thinks everything through, reliable, and holds a grudge

Violet masks her feelings, hides behind her long hair, and very under estimated

The first book is done and the second is in progress.

Vanishing Rose

This book was inspired by a real life event where a woman vanished from her car, which was found with keys in the ignition and door open. That's where the similarity ends and my creative spin takes over. Rose's uncles sends of one his police officers after Rose to help search for her sister Lily. She is joined by Violet. Later Rose vanishes from her home. Blood is discovered. Rose's? There appears to have been a struggle in her kitchen. Yet the neighbors didn't see a thing. What happened? Who kidnapped Rose? Was it the new officer or someone else?

Haunting Lily

Lily has dark secrets that are coming back to haunt her. Things she's done and continues to do. What will everyone think if they discover what she's hiding? Will it ruin her love life? She wants to confide in Rose and Violet, but she can't trust that they can keep her secrets — not this big.

Stalking Violet

 Violet is quite different from her sisters. She walks on the dark side, flirts with danger and toys with the men—many men. Unfortunately she's gotten the wrong kind of attention—the kind that could end her life. Everywhere she goes, so does he. He leaves her poems as taunts. His constant whistling haunts her dreams. The last poem warned her that she would soon be dead. She's in over her head and doesn't know which guy it is. Rose warned her this could happen. Violet doesn't want to ask for help.

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