Love In The Snow

Book Three in the Sweetheart Line, it features the following stories:

Snowballs of Love: Sally has her eye on the new neighbor who is quite a hunk. He doesn’t notice her at all. An errant snowball, a ten year old boy, and things liven up.

Snowy Rendezvous: Callie and Drew are caught on the mountain during a snow storm and find refuge in a chalet. Nothing like making love in front of a roaring fire, that is until other skiers arrive. Skiers who know about the secrets Callie should have told Drew.

Snowflake Ball: Fate has brought Angela and Luke back together. They were once high school sweethearts with plans to marry. Instead they went their separate ways. Now Luke’s company has taken over Angela’s family firm. Feelings of desire and love resurface, hot enough to melt the snow.

Blue Christmas: Meghan is sick and tired of sitting home alone and feeling depressed. It’s Friday night and she’s going to have fun. She drives to her favorite Club and is soon dancing in the arms of a very handsome man. His kisses warm her heart. Can he get her to forget her hate of Christmas and the reason why?

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