Secrets and Confessions

Book One of the new Sweetheart Line.

Tree of Buried Secrets: Julia has kept a dark secret buried deep in her heart for the last fifty years until she overhears a conversation. Is this the day she confesses about what happened the night when she and her true love were going to elope? She stares at the apple tree and remembers their love, their passion, their fate. (Named Book of the Week.)

Confessions: Brooke is alone at the local weekly newspaper where she works when she is kidnapped by alleged murderer, Kurt Brewster. He wants to tell Brooke the truth about the murders to publish in the paper. Sequestered in a cabin in the middle of the woods, Brooke discovers there’s a lot more to Kurt than anyone ever knew and she’s enjoying every minute of captivity. (Confessions is based on a true event.)

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